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Visually Impaired Hear This Article.Visually Impaired Hear This Article.

James does not have any Supplemental Insurance and needs help with his copayments. He is now on Hospice with diagnosis of End Stage COPD and Liver Cancer.

He has no living relatives. A neighbor has taken him in. He is declining rapidly and worried about his bills. He is a very proud man . He worked as a machinist and is a WWII Veteran in the Battle of the Bulge. Total Charges $38,152.91. Please Help.

Margaret had a pacemaker put in on 4-16-2013. She was taking care of her husband (Henry) and she wore herself down. Now both have been recuperating from surgery with me and my husband. She needs help with her 20% copayments of  her medical bills.

 I am Director of Social Services at a 99-bed skilled nursing facility.  I am writing to you on behalf of one of my residents whom I believe could benefit from your generosity.

The patient is a 53-year old man who was admitted to our facility in August.  He sustained an accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down.  He is unable to walk, unable to use the bathroom by himself, unable to transfer in his wheelchair, and unable to live independently at this time. 

He was provided with rehabilitative therapy at an acute hospital prior to coming to our facility.  The doctors at that hospital felt that he would not walk again, and discontinued therapy.  The patient feel that he could make some more progress if he could continue with therapy, however Medicaid does not pay for additional therapy of any sort.  He is frustrated and depressed by his condition, and each day withdraws from others a little more.  He has minimal family support - a teenage son who does not visit and a sister who calls him once a month or so.

Any assistance that you could provide to this individual would be greatly appreciated.  You would be providing him with an opportunity to regain a part of his life that he believes is lost to him forever.

Thank you for you consideration of this request.


We have three residents in our facility who are trying to get a set of dentures, which cost $500.00 per plate.  The only resource which they have is the $30.00 dollars per month which the resident's receive as personal spending allowance, as they are all on Medicaid, and Medicaid will not pay for the dentures.  If you could be of any assistance it would be greatly appreciated, and so would the residents in the facility.
Mary Jane

My client has no insurance.  She is currently taking ten different medications which cost $2814.68 per month.  She is not eligible for Medical Assistance, SSI or SSDI.  Her health problems are: COPD, CVA, CAD, Ambulatory Dysfunction.  She is in need an Oxygenator.  Please let me know if you can help her?

We have a resident who is in desperate need of a new wheelchair.  She spends her entire day in a lift-chair recliner that has heat and massage and sleeps in it as well.  Her medical needs require that she be in a reclining position for most of the day or she is in severe pain.  She would like the opportunity to be able to get out of the recliner from time to time and attend an activity or move about the facility.


Her needs require that the back of the wheelchair reclines and has elevating leg rests.  We have been quoted between $3500.00 to $5000.00 dollars.  We don't have enough money in our budget for a specialized chair.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


To the Senior Living Guide Foundation
My name is Russell R. and I am writing to you on behalf of my eighty-six (86) year old mother, Patricia A. She is in very poor health and running out of funds.
In the last six (6) years, I have had to move my mother from one assisted living facility to another.  She had long-term care health insurance with John Hancock Life Insurance Co., but when that ran out, I moved her to a assisted living facility.
They met her and liked her so much, that even though her rent and care would be $2,737.00 a month, they have accepted her out of the goodness of their hearts for $1,637.57.  I give them Mom's Social Security check $1,127.95 and her pension check $503.62.
My mother suffers from many illnesses: arthritis, osteoporosis, cataracts, and in 2007, she underwent surgery for breast cancer.  She walks on a walker and needs help with her dressing, taking medications, bathing, bathroom, etc.  For all the help she needs, the people at the assisted living facility are taking care of her for much less than what they charge.  It is a heavenly gift.
The outstanding problems we presently face, are her medications.  They usually cost about $300.00 per month.  I have to enclosed a recent invoice from the Pharmacy, in the amount of $570.63, due to an eye infection and I used some of my own money to pay for it. I have also enclosed her bank account statement and additional information.  Medicare does not pay anything toward her care or medications, at the assisted living facility.
I'm writing with hope in my heart, that you can possibly help pay for or subsidize the payments, for her prescriptions.  If you could help with her co-payments that would be highly appreciated, as well.  The main issue presently are her medications.
Charity is truly a gift from God.  I hope you can help her.
Russell. R.
Son of Patricia

To the Senior Living Guide Foundation
My name is Kendra Reese and I was born on 11-2-98 and had a hemorrhaging stroke due to Toxoplasmosis which is a rare parasitic disease.  I was also born with PHPV – Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous which is a rear eye disease which caused damage to my right eye.

Since my birth my Mom and Dad have been doing all kinds of therapies with me to help me all they can.I have had a lot of travel experience (haha) and my passport is stamped a lot.

My therapies include: PT, OT, Vision, Speech, Vital Stim, Horseback riding, aquatherapy, HBO Therapy, stem cell therapy, acupuncture. So I am a pretty busy girl.

My Mom and Dad keep telling me someday I will do a lot of these things on my own and I believe them. 
Kendra  Kendra  Kendra
Thank you for reading my story. 


Kendra Reese
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